day 9 stayathome journal brainstorming for kids

DAY 9 #StayAtHome Journal

I had to explain to my daughter how brainstorming works. To do this, II chose to use three main brainstorming techniques instead of the classical free writing. These are: listing, concept mapping (or mind mapping) and sketching. These three techniques are all very effective when trying to teach little children how to brainstorm.

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Day 5 Stay at Home Journal - STEM Toys

DAY 5 #StayAtHome Journal

Daddy recently bought himself a Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder STEM Toy a few months ago. It has a 3-in-1 design that allows you to build a robot, a plane and a dinosaur. Although it’s a toy for ages 10 and up and the kids can learn how to program it through a series of tutorials on the Mi Robot Builder App, we thought it was a good idea to just use it as a building toy until our daughter gets older.

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