DAY 5 #StayAtHome Journal

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27th of March 2020

Day 5 Stay at Home Journal - STEM Toys


Today we got up late.

After our morning routine, we talked to our friends online.

Then, we got out for a 20 minutes walk with our dog. The weather was fine. We admired the bright green tree leaves and the forest flowers. It’s pretty hard to go outside and stay for just a few minutes when you have little children, but we try to cope with the situation as good as we can.

Before lunch our daughter wanted to paint. She painted a cute smart car and a bonfire. 

After her nap, we managed to make another dog from our 1000 pcs funny dog puzzle. And, of course, we danced our Happiness dance.  

Daddy recently bought himself a Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder STEM Toy a few months ago. It has a 3-in-1 design that allows you to build a robot, a plane and a dinosaur. Although it’s a toy for ages 10 and up and the kids can learn how to program it through a series of tutorials on the Mi Robot Builder App, we thought it was a good idea to just use it as a building toy until our daughter gets older. Daddy already built the robot, and he let us disassemble it and make the T-Rex. Our girl loves Lego and pulling apart things (and I love those things, too), so it was a fun and relaxing experience for both of us. Of course, we weren’t able to finish building it. 

In the evening, we made pancakes with strawberry and rose hip jam. While I was frying them, Daddy and our girl discovered Super Tux Cart, a nice game on Linux. 

We got to bed early, after a relaxing #StayatHome day.

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