DAY 6 #StayAtHome Journal

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28th of March 2020

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HotWheels cars and tracks

Today we all woke up fresh, after a good night’s sleep.

After breakfast, we printed another Guess Who? game. Our daughter is really into it. She started to ask better questions and she usually wins. Then, we took a short walk with our beagle. Fresh air works wonders for all of us. 

Before lunch we found our daughter’s long lost purple scissors and we cut some paper. We made various 2d geometric paper shapes and we rehearsed their names. Then, we used colored paper and glue to make some interesting compositions.

We are still happy that we can maintain our daughter’s kindergarten routine. Although putting her to sleep at noon is not always easy, we try to keep this healthy habit as long as possible. 

I love reading and I used to read stories to my daughter since she was very little. Now, at 5yo, she won’t sleep until we read our bedtime story. At noon we read a lovely book which I also warmly recommend: The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

In the afternoon we played with Lego, again and we had to dance our Happiness Dance because we found Olaf (a lost Lego figurine from Disney’s Frozen).

Later, Daddy and our girl played a bit of SuperTux Cart. Then, we played a SuperTuxCart inspired racing game with our HotWheels cars and tracks. It was way better and funnier to play the cart games with real HotWheels cars and tracks than on computer.

In the evening, we watched The Magic Flute kids opera. 

Take care!

Sharing is caring!

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