Nintendo Switch family friendly games

Nintendo Switch Family Friendly Games

Last year’s Black Friday came with a surprise for me and our 6 years old daughter. Daddy ordered a Nintendo Switch console and some family friendly games. Because we spent (and we’re still spending) most of our time at home, due to the pandemic situation – we work from home, our daughter sometimes has online classes – Nintendo Switch was a fun and entertaining acquisition.

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ABCs Learning Toys and Activities

ABCs Learning Toys and Activities: How Our Daughter Learned the Alphabet Through Play, at Her Own Pace

Lately, our 4 years old daughter seemed very interested in learning and drawing letters. Although, we never force her to do activities she doesnโ€™t enjoy, we buy her toys, games and books that are suited for her age. We want give her as many options as possible when it comes to developing her skills and learning abilities.

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Best STEM toys for kids to learn basic coding

Best STEM Toys that Teach Small Kids Basic Coding

Because both me and my husband are interested in technology – we work in the IT industry – we recently decided to introduce our little girl to this domain. Our daughter is 3 years old now, so we think that this is just the right time for her to start learning the basics of programming through play. She might like it or she might not, but as her parents, our job is to offer her as many opportunities as possible, so she can choose wisely when the time comes.

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Montessori Materials and Games for Babies and Toddlers

Montessori Materials and Learning Games for Babies and Toddlers

The Montessori method of educating children is mainly based on simplicity, independent activities, hand-on learning and collaborative play. Children are encouraged to engage in independent activities, being observed, but not interrupted. This gives them the opportunity to learn on their own, at their own pace, from their own explorations. It is all about trial and error and self-correction enhancing their skills and contributing to their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development.

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Fun indoor activities for toddlers

Winter Fun: Indoor Activities, Games and Toys for Toddlers

Because we are experiencing this situation at the moment (we cannot stay outside for more than an hour a day, being a very cold winter, with temperatures going as low as 5F/-15 C during the day), I decided to share with you some ideas of indoor activities and games which we really like and play. I guarantee that these will keep your little one happy, interested and active. All you have to do is to be present and willing to spend amazing time with your toddler.

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