ABCs Learning Toys and Activities: How Our Daughter Learned the Alphabet Through Play, at Her Own Pace

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ABCs Learning Toys and Activities
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This post is about ABCs learning toys and activities.

Lately, our 4 years old daughter seemed very interested in learning and drawing letters. Although, we never force her to do activities she doesn’t enjoy, we buy her toys, games and books that are suited for her age. We want give her as many options as possible when it comes to developing her skills and learning abilities. So, we have the right toys and resources to help her learn the alphabet in a fun and easy way. These keep her interested, engaged and, above all, happy.

Here are her favourites ABCs learning toys and activities

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When our little girl was 3 yo, we gave her this gift: Jamohom Wooden Alphabet Puzzle. We love this puzzle because, besides the fact that it is an educational toy, it is also safe, made of quality plywood and coated with non-toxic paint. The letters are big, sans serif uppercase. Moreover, the child can use it as a regular puzzle or he can just use the stand-alone letters to practice the ABCs, as well as to form simple words. Our daughter loves it and plays with it a lot.

Now, at 4 years old, she asks us to spell various words for her and then she puts the letters in order. We also use it for another engaging and entertaining activity together: we match each letter of the puzzle with an object that starts with that letter. For example, we put the letter E on the lap of her Elsa doll, or the A near her alligator figurine. She always asks me and daddy to hold the M and D letters in our hands. This is a fun activity because it also implies running around the house and using other interesting objects.

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Coogam Wooden Letter Number Sorter Puzzle is another great toy our daughter enjoys playing with. It includes a board with 26 pieces, 7 different shapes and colors. Kids can combine the wooden blocks into letters (A to Z) or numbers (0-9), objects (like a house, a flower or a butterfly etc.) and geometric shapes. It is suited for 3 years and up. I especially recommend this game because it develops fine motoring skills, creative thinking and stimulates your kid’s imagination.

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Last but not least, the Magnetic Alphabet Letters Board with Storage Box – this is one of our daughter’s favorite open-ended games. She got this as a gift from one of our friends when she was 3 and a half. This is a magnetic letter kit which contains 208 red and blue letters (52 uppercase and 156 lowercase letters) and 8 punctuation marks. Vowels are red and consonants blue. This makes it easy for older children to learn pronunciation and grammar. The game comes with a double-sided magnetic board. You can write or draw on it with markers. It is a great way to teach your child how to write letters using a magnetic model.

Our daughter likes to draw the letter’s contour and then color them. And, of course, she really enjoys getting them all out of the box and sorting them.                                   

As I already mentioned, our little girl is 4 now and she recognizes all the letters of the alphabet (uppercase). And, she can write most of them, too.

So, what do you think? Does your child have a favorite ABCs toy? Do share with us!

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