Best STEM Toys that Teach Small Kids Basic Coding

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Best STEM toys for kids to learn basic coding
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Because both me and my husband are interested in technology – we work in the IT industry – we recently decided to introduce our little girl to this domain. Our daughter is 3 years old now, so we think that this is just the right time for her to start learning the basics of programming through play. She might like it or she might not, but as her parents, our job is to offer her as many opportunities as possible, so she can choose wisely when the time comes.

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) toys are great assets when it comes to learning the basics of coding in a fun and entertaining way. But, because there are a lot of STEM toys on the market, we made a list with the ones that are actually worth your money and help your child develop basic coding skills.

So, here it goes…

Best STEM toys that teach your kids basic coding

STEM Toys Basic Coding 3 Years Old Kids
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+3 years old

  1. Bee-Bot Floor Robot Starter Set – materials for planning routes, courses and creating your own mat designs.
  2. Fisher-Price DKT39 Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar – this toy help your kids develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  3. Primo Toys Cubetto Playset – a friendly wooden robot inspired by Motessori materials, teaches kids coding before they can read.
STEM Toys Basic Coding 4 Years Old Kids
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+4 years old

  1. Wow Wee COJI Smart Robot Programming Toy – help your kids program using emoji language or play games that test their memory and problem-solving skills. It requires an app to control COJI from a smart device.
  2. Alex Toys 890100 Future Coders Robot Races – teaches early coding logic by asking kids to map their path from point A to point B while racing to the finishing square. Comes with a mat and other components.
  3. Think Fun Robot Turtles STEM Toy and Coding Board Game for Preschoolers – Teaches Programming Principles to Preschoolers
STEM Toys Basic Coding 5 Years Old Kids
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+5 years old

  1. Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set – helps your child learn early STEM skills while playing. It does not require a mobile device.
  2. Learning Resources Let’s Go Code! – a simple maze that introduces kids to early coding and programming concepts without a computer.
  3. Osmo Coding Awbie Game + Genius Kit for iPad – โ€œlike LEGO for codingโ€, the game teaches coding fundamentals, if statements, loops, logic, and problem-solving skills.

And, as a bonus, we also have a list with great coding books for small kids

Coding Books for Kids
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  1. Baby Loves Coding! (Baby Loves Science) (age 3 – 5)
  2. My First Coding Book: Packed with Flaps and Lots More to Help you Code without a Computer! (age 5 – 7)
  3. Staying Safe Online (Kids Get Coding) (age 6 – 8)
  4. Lift-the-Flap Computers and Coding

What is your opinion about teaching kids programming?
Do your children have any favourite coding toys, games or books?

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