Open Ended Toys: Fun With Traffic Play Mats

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We bought a new β€œtoy” this week: a Traffic Play Mat. Our daughter loves it and we wish we bought it sooner. I must say, our daughter has an impressive collection of HotWheels cars. Although we bought her various track packs for her cars, she definitely prefers the Traffic Play Mat. For her, role-playing on the mat is better than launching cars on tracks. And you know why? Because the Traffic Play Mat offers her unlimited playing scenarios. It is an open ended toy that inspires creativity and tests imagination. 

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This is our Traffic Play Mat

our traffic playmat for kids

How we play… a few ideas

  • We use our Hot Wheels and Lego Minifigures collections to create various town scenarios, with cars, pedestrians and road signs. The Traffic Play Mat is a suitable means for road education. 
  • Sometimes, we pretend we have to organize a big birthday party in town for one of our Lego Friends Minifigures.Β 
  • We simulate a town carnival – we dress up our lego minifigures and turn our Hot Wheels convertible cars into allegorical cars.
  • Our girl loves to play cops and robbers or firefighters. 
  • We pretend we are explorers that found a new land and have to build a settlement.
  • Sometimes, our Beagle steps on the playground (like Godzilla in Tokyo, haha!), but instead of getting angry at him, we pretend a disaster is happening and we have to act accordingly and rebuild our town. 

And the list can continue….

Traffic Play Mats we recomend

IVI Mini City Thick 3D Kids Play Rug

IVI Mini City Thick 3D Kids Play Rug (we love this one and we’ll probably get it!) –  large, hypo-allergenic, anti-static, stain resistant, made using non-toxic dyes and fabric, easy to clean.

Large Kids Carpet Playmat Rug

Large Kids Carpet Playmat Rug – large, fine quality, has a skid proof latex back, vivid detail and bold colors

Mybecca Kids Rug Colourful Fun Land for Girls

Mybecca Kids Rug Colourful Fun Land for Girls – made of 100% high quality soft nylon loop pile/ thick cushioned, with vibrant, lasting colors. Great for girls.

Beyoung Premium Road Rug with kids car toys For Toddlers

Beyoung Premium Road Rug with kids car toys For Toddlers – the set includes: 12 pull back sports cars, 18 traffic road sign and the city map. It is made of environmental non-woven fabrics, it’s waterproof and lightweight.

Extpro Children Area Rug Baby

Extpro Children Area Rug Baby – made of canvas cotton, comfortable and skin-friendly for small children. Great for babies and toddlers.

What is your kid’s favourite Traffic Play Mat?

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