Christmas Crafting Kits for Kids: Themed Indoor Activities for +3 Year Olds

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Two weeks till Christmas. Outside is freezing. No signs of snow.

Our 3 and a half years old daughter is very excited for winter holidays. This year she knows she’s old enough to craft all the Christmas decorations with mommy. We already prepared our craft kits and we are now ready to start crafting all those cute and funny objects that help us transform our home into a warm and cozy place to spend our holiday break in.

Before we start working on our Christmas ornaments, I’m going share with you some of our crafting ideas that bring us joy and encourage us to spend a lot of quality time together.

Christmas Crafting Kits for Kidsfelt-reindeers

Foam Reindeer Holiday Ornament Craft Kit
The kit contains 12 assorted reindeer Christmas ornament craft kits. It includes instructions and extra pieces.


COCOMOON 3.5ft Felt Christmas Tree for Kids
This is a very entertaining toy which is great for toddlers, too. We already unpacked it and placed it on the wall of our daughter’s room. She loves decorating the tree in various ways, many times a day. She’s very proud of her work, every time.
A great alternative: Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar


Santa Claus Stained Glass
This Christmas crafting kit for kids comes with a stained glass figurine of Santa and a pack of stickers.


Button Wreath Ornament Craft Kit for Kids
This kit is a great choice when it comes to developing your kids’ fine motor skills. And the outcome is very cute.


Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit
A very easy and clean Christmas activity for small kids.


Creativity For Kids Sparkling 3D Wonder Paint Kit
I personally love this crafting kit, although it is recommended for older kids. Even if it gets messy, we’ll probably try to create a few of these ornaments together.


Wooden Christmas Ornaments
This is a pack of 40 rustic wooden Christmas ornaments that can be customized in any way you like. They can also be used as tags on presents.


235 Piece Christmas Window Snowflake Cling Decals Stickers Decorations
The kit contains various kinds of snowflake decals and many Christmas icons, such as gingerman, snowman, nutcracker, reindeer, Father Christmas and many more.

These are just a few of our Winter Holidays crafting kits and ornaments.
What are yours? Do share to inspire all of us!

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