DAY 4 #StayAtHome Journal

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26th of March 2020

Hotwheels Drawing

HotWheels and Illustrated Playing Cards

We started the day with a drawing, cutting and coloring activity. Our daughter asked me to draw a few cars inspired by our HotWheels car collection for her. She wanted to make a landscape with a road. We cut the drawn cars and our girl glued them on the road. The Hotwheels cars had to face the right direction.

Our daughter played a role-playing game with her dolls while I had to work. She is very understanding and this means one thing for sure: our mindful parenting and RIE parenting approach has worked so far. She always finds a game to play by herself while I cook or work. Obviously, this doesnโ€™t last for a very long time, but it helps me a lot.

After work, we cooked pasta with spinach and garlic (this is one of my daughter’s favourite meals). While boiling the pasta, we danced on Baby Shark and on some Deutsch dance songs for kids, because our girl learns Deutsch in kindergarten. 

After the midday nap, we printed and colored some pages with various breeds of dogs. Then, we tried to match each dog breed colored by our daughter with those on our Illustated Dog Breed Index Playing Cards (yes, we’re all dog lovers!).

Later, we watched a play for kids: โ€˜Puss in Bootsโ€™ and talked to our friends online.

Stay safe!

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