DYI Board Game for Kids of All Ages

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Because our daughter got bored of all her board games – we thought about inventing a new, fun board game to play. We decided upon a board game with pawns and dice that includes fun tasks to solve. 

So, here goes today’s game: 

DYI Board Game for Kids of all ages

personalized DIY board game for kids of all ages

Supplies needed

  • Plain paper. (You can use any type of paper. Cardboard works best. We used copy paper.)
  • A few sheets of color paper (any color you want)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • One dice
  • Pawns (we used Grossery Gang figurines as pawns)

How it’s done

  • Cut the color paper into small squares, rectangles or circles (We cut about 1.5in/3.5cm squares, 6 squares of each color:  green, yellow, orange and blue) 
  • Cut 2 larger rectangles for Start and Finish
  • Glue the squares to the sheet of paper or cardboard, making a path, from Start to Finish 
  • Write a task of your choice on each square (we used a pencil, so we can erase the tasks and replace them with others if we get bored)
  • A few examples of tasks (you should find tasks that are appropriate to your child’s age): 
    • Give a hug to another player 
    • Jump on a single foot 5 times
    • Name 3 green objects that are in your field of view
    • Say a 5-letter word
    • Name 3 kitchen objects
    • Make a rhyme 
    • Name 3 birds
    • Name 3 human organs 
    • Do 5 squats 
    • Sing the chorus of a song etc.

How to play DYI Board Game for Kids of all ages

  • The youngest player starts the game
  • Each player rolls the dice and moves its pawn accordingly
  • On their turn, the players must complete the task written in the square their pawn lands on
  • If a player can’t complete a task, his/her pawn must move one square backwards
  • The first one to reach the Finish wins

It’s a fun game to make and to play. We decorated with stickers from our sticker books.

The game board can be, also, drawn by hand. It’s faster and easier.

Note: There are also many downloadable templates on the internet, but it’s a nicer experience to make the game from scratch with your kids.

Below is our free board game ready to print template. Feel free to get inspired by it or download it, print it and use it, if you like.

Have fun!

Sharing is caring!

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