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DAY 8 #StayAtHome Journal

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30th of March 2020

Day 8 Stayathome Journal - Quality Time
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Quality time together

Today, we got up late again, at almost 10 AM.

Our daughter played a lot by herself today, inventing various games with her dolls and toys. I had a busy day at work. Although I love playing with her, I am very proud of her because she understands quite well when I have to work or cook and she lets me do it while she plays independently with her dolls or Lego sets. Sometimes she just draws by herself or she invents her own games. Other times she tries to help me as well as she can. Although this is great for me, I am also aware that we should have as much quality time as possible together, everyday.

In the afternoon, we took our big Lego box (it has the pieces of 11 Lego sets) and the manuals, and we started making them while spending some quality time together. We have all the Lego sets pieces put together, in a box, so it’s really difficult to find the ones we need. Regardless, we managed to complete two sets. It was a pleasant and relaxing activity which required a lot of concentration and attention from both of us. For our daughter, it was, first of all, a patience test. And she passed it with flying colors.

There are days, just like this one, when we don’t do countless activities, but they are beautiful and relaxing because they represent quality time together.

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