DAY 1 #StayAtHome Journal

23rd of March 2020

Lego Minifigures House

Lego Friends

As Daddy was busy with work and had a few conference calls during the day, we had to give him some space. Because a few days ago we reconditioned our old printer which has been sitting in the attic for a long time, we decided to start the day coloring. We printed a lot of coloring pages and made a coloring storybook by stapling some of them together. Our daughter wrote a short story beside each printed drawing before coloring it.

Later, we played with our daughter’s doll house in a different manner. We used Lego pieces to make the furniture for her Lego Minifigures. Then, built a classroom for her Lego Friends girls, a lounge for parents, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. We also made a parking lot with HotWheels cars and a large garden with a playground. It took us a lot of time, but we had lots of fun searching for the right Lego pieces and coming up with ideas on how to use them. 

At noon, we cooked a delicious beef salad and a chicken soup with noodles. My daughter helped me with the peas and the carrots… well, eating them, not chopping them, ha!

Our girl took a nap after lunch, so I managed to work for two hours (I am really lucky to have a flexible working program).

During the afternoon we played various role-playing games with dolls and plushies. We also printed and then played a Guess Who? game with Disney Princesses and Princes. You can download your free printable from here.

In the evening, our daughter watched Cinderella opera. She was fascinated by the artists’ voices, dresses and props. I managed to work again, for an hour.

Before bed, we made a plan for the following day. We decided to build a Lego Friends tree house for Yepu, a cute, brown Lego bunny figurine. Then, we read a few stories.

We all had a full day, but, overall, we felt really great because we had the chance to spend quality time together.

Stay safe!

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