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It took me a while to find enough free time to write this StayAtHome Journal.

The world is a mess, people are scared and children are confused. Weโ€™ve been staying at home for a while now and itโ€™s not easy. We have to do our job right, spend time with our daughter, do a lot more cooking and cleaning. Our house is upside-down, most of the time.

In spite of all this, after watching our girl play happily a few evenings ago, we realized that we should do our best and hold back our feelings of concern, fear and anxiety in front of her. She watches us and learns from us how to react during times like this. So why not change our attitude towards this situation, towards her, and make this #stayathome period a fun and memorable time for our child?

We started this StayAtHome Journal not only for ourselves, but for all of you who are staying at home with your kids. We know itโ€™s hard, so weโ€™ll try to encourage you and give you some nice ideas of games and activities to make this period a bit more pleasant.

Stay at home! Stay safe!

Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark | Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge

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