Teach Your Kids to Code Without a Computer: DIY Coding Game for Kids

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To turn the actual situation into a nice experience for our daughter, we decided to invent and play a new game everyday. This, of course, among other things, like keeping a daily routine, sticking to an exercise program, learning interesting things about one subject a day, etc.

Weโ€™ll share with you some of our games, as often as we can.

So, here goes a game our daughter enjoys and plays a lot. Code-a-Pillar was our inspiration. 

DIY Coding Game for Kids

Teach Your Kids to Code Without a Computer: DIY Coding Game for Kids

Supplies needed:

  • Bottle caps (we had a lot of water bottle caps)
  • Sticker paper (we used various colors: yellow, green and pink), or plain paper and glue
  • Various small stickers for kids (we used some paw prints stickers from this book: Eyelike Stickers: Baby Animals, but you can use anything you like, as long as they fit on your bottle caps)
  • Playing cards set (we used a pack of Montessori cards with cats and dogs)

How itโ€™s done:

  • Cut arrows from your sticker sheets. You should have 3 types of arrows. We have:
    • 25 straight arrows
    • 8 turn left arrows
    • 8 turn right arrows

Make sure you cut more straight arrows than turning arrows. 

  • Stick each arrow on a bottle cap. You can also paint the arrows or glue plain paper arrows to the bottle caps.
  • Put small stickers with an illustration of your choice on some of the bottle caps. We used stickers with animal paws.

How to play our DIY coding game for kids :

  • Place your Montessori or playing cards face down on the ground and make a route. Turn some of the cards face up – these will be the obstacles along the path.
  • Your kid has to navigate the entire route placing the appropriate arrow on each face down card. To get over an obstacle (a face up card) he or she must use a small sticker cap.

We have a lot of fun with this game. Our girl makes her own routes and she loves the fact that the path is never the same.

Sharing is caring!

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