Piercing Babies’ Ears: Pros & Cons

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Baby hoop earrings

Many of our friends had pierced their daughters’ ears in their first days of life. It is a common practice where we live. However, my husband and I decided not to do it. That is because we first wanted to read a few things about it and discuss the subject with our pediatrician. Besides, we didn’t know then what kind of earrings would be suited for a newborn. So, we decided to wait and make this step knowledgeably. Yet, we both thought our little girl would look nice with a pair of cute little earrings.
In our readings and research we came across contradictory opinions, pro and against piercing newborn babies’ ears.

Pros: Some of the reasons to pierce babies’ ears…

  • Besides the fact that it looks cute, earrings save parents from the – sometimes really annoying – embarrassment of the wrong gender (especially when the baby is very young).
  • From a different point of view, some people say they did it, so their kid doesn’t have to remember the pain.
  • When the daughter is a baby, taking care of the ears falls to the mom, who can create a daily routine.
  • When the baby gets older, she might get infected easier because she keeps touching the ears with her hands or pulling the earrings out of curiosity.
  • In some cases, piercing the baby’s ears is a cultural preference: in some cultures, ear piercing early on is standard, but in others, they wouldn’t hear of it.

Cons: Some of the reasons NOT to pierce babies’ ears…

  • The main reason not to pierce is the ear infection. Your baby will probably be touching her ears and the pierced area a lot, and it can become infected.
  • There is a chance that the baby will have an allergic reaction.
  • The piercing should not be done before infants have completed their DPT shots.
  • There is a chance that the baby will rip the earrings off or cling them to her clothes.
  • Piercing an infant’s ears robs her of the choice and the experience. You could make ear piercing a special event in your daughter’s life, something to look forward to, a coming-of-age ritual, and a mean to teach her responsibility.
  • Earrings are a cosmetic choice, not a necessity.

The important things you should consider when you choose to pierce your baby’s ears are the type of earrings you want to buy her and the piercing product used.

Gold is not the best metal for earrings, because many people have allergic reactions to it. Stainless steel is far better, as it is hypoallergenic, smooth, and non-porous, easier to clean. Hoop-shaped earrings are the best choice: they slide easier, they don’t cling to your clothes, and they can be moved around.

Regarding the piercing itself, you must know that piercing at home is not a good idea. Piercing should be done by a professional, preferably by a doctor, with sterile equipment, in a clean, sterile environment.

Our daughter is 8 months now. We still haven’t decided whether to pierce her ears or not, but we will definitely consider all the pros and cons before we take this step.

What is your opinion regarding piercing babies’ ears?

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