Cost of Montessori School on Average

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This info about some average Montessori school yearly prices that came in front of us and we thought of sharing it with you.

Ontario:  $14000. That is full day, for Casa. They also do 5 half-days a week, and that is $7,500-$9,000.

Missouri:  3 half days $4500.  5 half days $7500. Preschool is around $10,000

Oklahoma City: $12000/year

Indianapolis: $6000-$9000

Arizona: $12,000 for full day and extended care 3-6 year olds

Atlanta:  full time program range between $18,000-$24,000+ for the year.

St.Louis, Missouri: $10,000 and more for full day (I believe till 3 pm).

Cambridge, Boston: Average cost here is $24000 plus for 9 month, 8AM – 3PM

New York City: $24000 for 10 months 8:30-3PM

Illinois: $15000

Washington DC: they range from about $10000 for a partial-day program (like 8:30/9:00 – noon) to around $20000 for full-day programs.

Denver: $14000. 18 months – 3 year olds

Bhutan: its only $300 for a year. Time morning 8:30 till 5:00 pm. Oh well, who would move to Bhutan?

Siloam Springs, Arkansas: $6000/year

San Francisco: $15000/year

Massachusetts: $8K-$15K mostly dependent on age and town

New Hampshire: $6-9K (higher end for older students)

What’s the price you pay for a Montessori school in your area?

Here’s a list of Montessori books and toys in case you want to start practicing it at home

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