Tips on How to Get Your Kids to Play Sports and Be More Active

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How to get your kids to play sports

With the increase in technology and the availability of video games, kids spend less time physically active. We have some great tips for you on how to get your kids to move and play sports!

As a parent, you want your children to be as active as possible. You know that playing sports can help them stay in shape and be healthy. 

But not all children are the same. So, how do you get your kids to play sports?

Here are a few tips on how to get your kids to play sports:

Find the right sport for your child

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sports. Some children are natural athletes and will excel at any sport they try. Others need to find the right fit before they can enjoy themselves. Talk to your child about what they are interested in and see if there is a sport that they would like to try. You can also read about sports and their rules or watch various sports on TV together.

Make it fun

Playing sports should be about having fun, not winning or losing. If your child is constantly frustrated because they are not winning, they are not going to play. You should help them see sports as a way to have fun and let loose, not as a competition.

Get yourself involved

One of the best ways to get your child interested in sports is to show them that you are interested too. Play catch with them in the backyard, shoot hoops with your kid or join a local adult league. You can make sports more enjoyable for everyone by participating yourself.

Encourage positive reinforcement

Rather than focusing on mistakes or losses, you should encourage your child by pointing out their successes. This positive reinforcement will help them feel good about themselves and make them more likely to want to keep playing sports.

Set realistic expectations

It is important to remember that children are still learning and growing when playing sports. They are not going to be perfect, and they will make mistakes. Don’t expect them to be superstars overnight. Just encourage them to have fun and do their best.

We were lucky with our daughter because she discovered Mountain Biking and Karate at a young age. She has great coaches who encourage her and teach her about discipline, courage, and strength.

How about your kids? How do you get your kids to be active and play sports?

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