Our Favorite Father Daughter Bonding Activities

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Luckily, my daughter’s relationship with her father has always been a special one. Although she’s always been a mama’s girl, she is very excited to spend quality time with daddy. And my husband enjoys every minute of it.

Here are their favorite father-daughter bonding activities

Spin some wheels (bike, roller blades or scooter riding)
My husband and daughter do his quite a lot. It’s a refreshing and relaxing activity for both of them. Therefore, they started with: OXELO B1 Foldable Kick Scooter when she was 2.5 years old and continued with two wheels scooter, roller blades and, of course, bike. Now she’s four and she rides her bike like a boss.

Tea party

Ever since we bought our daughter the Tea Time Chocolate Pastry Tower, she made a habit of telling stories with daddy over a cup of tea and a muffin, almost every weekend.

Pony ride

When the weather is hot we often visit the leisure park not far from our house. Besides feeding the farm animals and playing with bunnies, our daughter never misses an occasion to ride a pony with her dad. Last time we visited the park, her pony friend had a foal.

Superheroes masks and costumes

A few months ago, a boy from kindergarten introduced our daughter to superhero role-play. Now, she knows most of Marvel and DC Universe heroes and their powers and abilities. When she does superhero role-play at home, daddy is the villain and the dolls are her team.

Repair things around the house

Some of our open ended toys are screws, screwdrivers, hammers or glue. They always fascinated our daughter, especially after we read Bruno the Carpenter by Lars Klinting (a children’s book from a great collection, btw). So, daddy thought it would be interesting to let our daughter help him repair some things around the house, from time to time. Next step: fretwork.

Learn to code

Daddy is a programmer, so he was the one that introduced our daughter to coding using Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy. They code together regularly, enjoying every minute of it. We definitely need more coding toys!

Discover nature

We’re very lucky to live near the woods, so we all take long walks in nature a few times per month. But, once a month we established a special father-daughter journey. They take the Outdoor Explorer Kit and off they go, telling stories about wild animals and insects, about trees, birds and survival.

Play with Lego or Magformers

One of our daughter’s favorite activities is playing with Lego and/or Magformers (yes, sometimes she combines them). This activity is way more fun when daddy joins her and they build massive, imposing structures together.

Learn new things

Daddy recently discovered a set of Dinosaur Augmented Reality Flashcards. You can rotate, zoom in and out the dinosaurs on the flashcards to see the actual details in 360-degree. Besides seeing the 3D moving dinosaurs, you can also learn various things about them. It’s a fun game!

Dancing together

Sometimes kids don’t need any toys or equipment to have a great time… maybe just some nice music and a good dancing partner.

Playing detectives

Ever since our daughter discovered the magnifying glass and what she can do with it, she started to improvise detective games with daddy. Of course she is the detective every single time. She looks for clues around the house with her magnifying glass and tries to figure out how to catch thief Daddy.

Treasure/scavenger hunt

A few months ago, we played a scavenger hunt game at a birthday party. Our girl really enjoyed it. The Family Treasure Hunt Game helped us bring the fun at home, too.

Play ball

Soccer, tennis, baseball, catch.. it doesn’t matter at all as log as it uses a ball and Daddy is involved.

And, as a bonus… some father-daughter reading time

Their favorite book: Stories 1, 2, 3, 4 by Eugen Ionesco.

My daughter spends most of her time with me and she loves it. But she is thrilled when her dad gives her full attention and plays with her the games she enjoys most. For Daddy, spending time with his girl represents a means to raise a confident and strong woman by supporting and encouraging her wish to explore, her curiosity and creativity.

Share with us your favorite father-daughter bonding activities!

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