Hand-Tracing Art: a Creative Drawing Activity Your Kid Will Definitely Enjoy

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Today, we are happy to share with you a fun and creative drawing activity for kids: hand-tracing art.

For the hand-tracing art activity you’ll need just a few supplies, but a lot of creativity and imagination.

Supplies needed:

  • Regular graphite pencil
  • Colored markers / pencils or crayons
  • Paper
  • Your kid’s hand

How it’s done:

Place your kid’s hand on a sheet of paper. Let him choose the pose of his hand.

Let your kid trace the contour of his hand.

When he’s done, ask your kid what the resulted image resembles to.

Let him draw over the pencil lines using a black marker to create the object he imagined.

Next, add some details and start coloring the whole drawing. We used these ultra washable markers for coloring, but for a better result you might use chisel-tip markers.

If your kid is little, you can draw the contour of his hand and the details for him, then let him color the drawing.

The result is great! Here’s our daughter hand-tracing-art…

…and a video tutorial created by Craft Factory for your inspiration.

This is all it takes for kids to enjoy our fun and creative drawing activity for kids!

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Sharing is caring!

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