Beauty During Pregnancy: Safe Skincare and Makeup Products

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You know the saying: “Pregnancy makes women glow“. Most women can’t wait to see their skin change during pregnancy. Besides its psychological side, the pregnancy glow also has a valid biological explanation: it is actually a transformation caused by the changes and increase of hormones in the pregnant woman’s body. Many women often choose not to use beauty products during pregnancy because they are scared of the effects they might have on their unborn babies. 

This is actually the safest way to go. But there are times during these nine months when a bit of makeup saves the day. For example, let’s say you have to attend an event: a friend’s or a relative`s wedding, a baptism, or maybe your workplace just requires you to be formal. You should know that there are beauty products that can be used safely during pregnancy. You just have to read their label carefully and choose them with care.

Although I am a person who uses makeup and skin products everyday, during the period I was pregnant with my baby girl I still wanted to look good, regardless the natural overall glow. So I tried to make a good selection of cosmetics to use safely. Below is a list of products and beauty tips you may find useful. These are only the products I personally tested and I warmly recommend.



So, these are the products I used. I tried to keep it all as natural as possible and look good, at the same time.

Are you pro or against makeup during pregnancy?
Did you use makeup during your pregnancy months? What products did you like best?

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