Baby Laundry Basics: Tips for Cleaning Your Baby’s Clothes the Right Way

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Before they give birth, new mommies usually ask themselves various questions regarding the best ways to manage all the aspects of their newborn baby’s life. Every mother needs to be sure she offers her baby the best treatment, starting with how she interacts with her infant to how she takes care of him. A not insignificant aspect at all refers to the baby’s laundry. Everybody knows that newborns are sensitive and they have highly delicate skin. Therefore all their clothes must be made from a soft fabric and perfectly washed.

Tips for cleaning your baby’s clothes the right way

  • Washing your infant’s new clothes before he wears them is an absolute necessity. This helps prevent rashes and remove residues, chemicals with which they are usually treated. These can be: hormone disrupting nonylphenol ethoxylates and phthalates, reproductive and immune toxins in the perfluorochemicals family, antimony – a material similar to arsenic, and organotins – which can damage immune and nervous system. Even if they appear to be in small amounts, precaution is best. Dust that may also lead to your baby’s soft skin irritation.
  • Always read the garment label before washing any piece of clothing for the first time. Some baby clothes require special attention when cleaning them. For example, baby sleepwear – they are required by law to be flame-resistant and some detergents and bleach will obstruct this characteristic. You must pay attention to water temperature. Check out if they require to be washed by hand or be careful not to wash out the color of the material.
Detergents and Softeners

So, how do you wash your baby’s clothes? What kind of washing products do you use? Do you have any tips to share regarding baby laundry?

Sharing is caring!

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