Shopping List Before Giving Birth – Medical Stuff

As soon as you find out that you are going to be a parent, a lot of people will start giving you parenting advice, shopping list advice, the internet is also full of them, and all seems like a huge marketing campaing just to sell a lot of useless stuff. It also happened to us, but we decided to take it slow and analyze well.

This is a list of things we bought, or thought of buying when we were expecting out baby girl. Some of them we bought, some we postponed, and some made no sense for us. We’ll explain in detail below.
The marketing campaings and pharmaceutical companies will advice you to buy all the useless stuff you don’t need. Please choose carefully because it’s your baby’s life in play.
We’re not sponsored by any pharmaceutical company or any other company.

We were recommended all sort of thermometers, digital onces, pacifier ones , forehead and ear, anything you can think of. We bought a digital one like this. A pediatrician recommended the old school ones, with mercury, but we thought it’s too risky. We bought it just to be there, the decission was not to use it unless we can feel with our hands that the baby is very warm.
About the pacified thermometer, it’s not much to say, it could be good, but lots of people said they bought it for nothing because the baby didn’t accept it. It’s also not recommended to give the baby a pacified before 12 weeks of life because it’s when he develops his sucking and attachment and might confuse him.

Sterile compresses
Might be usefull in the first days of baby’s life to clean his eyes for secretions. Lots of pediatricians recommend washing the babies with saline water regularely, but in our oppinion this is interfering with baby’s natural secretion elimination processes. So we bought them to use them only if it’s really necessarely.

Saline water
Same for cleaning eyes and nose, but only if there’s too much secression.. otherwise, we chose to leave them as is, the baby is perfect like that, and his body knows perfectly what is doing.

This could be usefull for dropping saline water into baby’s eyes or nose. We haven’t used it like this. We preferred to use it to give her the Vigantol daily drops. It made it easier for us than using the original bottle.

Baby ear sticks
This was a clear NO for us. Don’t touch your baby’s ears. The excess will be eliminated on it’s own. At maximum clear his exterior ear with the sterile compress and water.

Glycerine borax
Someone suggested we should have this in our home. NO! This sounds like a medicine, and should be prescribed by a doctor, in our case, by three doctors.

Baby scale
Except that we’re totally against weighing after each sucking or sample sucking, or even the weekly weighing, we though, bought one, just to be there in case of emergency. We wanted it in the house because we knew that we’ll rearely visit the family doctor. You must be very carefull with it. Seeing your baby is not taking weight can be depressing, but it shouldn’t. The baby is not constantly gaining weight.

We tried to search about it but couldn’t find too my good words, just Trimebutine Maleate. They say it’s for baby colics, we preferred to live with it if the baby will have colics. Later, at 4 months the doctor recommended it for constipation, so we used it for a week. Not too visible results so we quit using it and let the baby’s body do it’s own magic.
Other drugs we also said NO to: Colief, Protectis, Baby’s Jarro-Dophillus, Fever siroups, Colics Tea, Glycerin with stamicin

Nasal Aspirator
We bought one, we didn’t need it.

Room Thermometer
It’s usefull. Try to buy one with hygrometer.

Room humidifier
We didn’t bought a electrical one, just the ones for the radiator, in which you pour water – this was enough

There are some other teas and oils you could buy, ask a doctor or read carefully about them on the internet.

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