Shopping List Before Birth – Hygiene

Here’s a list of what we got and what was a clear NO from all of the things we were told we should buy.

Wet Wipes 

We read about them that they are not so good and the baby could get irritation. Due to the lack of alternatives in our area, we had to buy them though, so we use them and the baby is not getting any irritation.

Organic Cotton Wipes

We would have used those, and would recommend them. Now we’re using occasionally

Shampoo and shower gel

We bought organic ones. We didn’t use them in the first month, as the baby still had natural protection. If you’re not sure yet, maybe wait until you make more research on this problem.

DO NOT buy Baby Pouder


Ideally it would be to use textile ones, but… we didn’t. We used Pampers and Puffies without getting any irritation. What is to say here, maybe not buy them before the baby is born. You can ask the father to buy them while you’re still in the hospital. The reason is that the size you buy them might not match your baby’s weight. (we bought size 1 and we needed size 3 since the birth)

Baby hair brush

You’ll need this for the milk crust. Most babies have it. But you’ll also need it if he doesn’t have milk crust generally for the gentle hair and head skin the baby has at birth

Bath tub

Not really necessary, but could help you in some situations

Baby towel

Baby nail clipper



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