Highly Recommended Parenting Books to Help You Raise an Independent, Responsible and Confident Child

During pregnancy, both me and my wife, started to read parenting books. Our lives were about to change radically and we felt the need to be prepared for this major change. So, we bought various books about parenting. We believe that parenting books are good foundation for a great parent-child relation. They can also be very helpful in stressfull or desperate situations because you can always find an appropriate answer to these kind of problems. You just have to know where to look.

Below is a short list of what we selected as being highly recommended parenting books. They are based on the idea of raising an independent, confident and responsible child. The first two books in the list are deffinitely a must-read. (The list also contains books for parents waiting for their second baby.)

The list focuses on three tipes of parenting books:

  1. Books which can help you raise your baby based on RIE parenting’s principles: independence, confidence, responsibility.
  2. Books that specifically tell you what a day with a baby looks like during the first year. (ex. “I didn’t know about RIE the first time and I want things spelled out for me so I’m not tempted to entertain.”)
  3. Books to read with an older child about a new baby, before and after arrival. Make sre to give the older child some space and free time, consider buying one of these best four wheelers for kids so that they can have the best time ever riding around the block. (ex. “She’s 2.5 now and baby is due in august. When should I start preparing her?”)


Below are the parenting books we recommend:

This is our list of recommended parenting books. What are your guiding parenting books? What other books would you add to the list?

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