DAY 10 #StayAtHome Journal

1st of April 2020

day10 stayathome journal
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Today was definitely a Lego day. We built 4 sets. All of our Lego pieces are mixed up, so finding the right Lego piece was more time consuming than building the sets.

Later, we played a lot of Pengoloo, an award winning wooden skill building memory color recognition game for kids we really enjoy and absolutely recommend. Pengoloo by Blue Orange enhances kids’ memory, color recognition, visualization and fine motor skills. The game also strengthens kids’ strategy and social skills.

The game includes 12 fun wooden penguins, 12 bright and colorful wooden eggs, 4 wooden iceberg boards, 2 wooden color dice and simple and kid friendly instructions.The idea of the game is simple: roll the colored dice and lift two penguins to search for colored eggs that match the dice. Collect six penguins on your iceberg to win. Pengoloo is for 2-4 players, perfect for ages 4+. 

There are amazing Blue Orange board games for every age:

Happy Bunny Cooperative Kids Game (for ages 3 and up)

Gobblet Gobblers (for ages 5 and up)

Fish Club Game (for ages 5 and up)

Blue Orange Battle Sheep (for 7 – 15 years )

Kingdomino (for ages 8 and up)

Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game (great for people of all ages)

and moreā€¦

Our day continued with some exercise in the afternoon, after a 1 hour nap.
In the evening, we took a long, relaxing bath and went to sleep early.

Stay home, stay safe!

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