Open-ended toys

Open-Ended Toys for Open-Ended Play

In their first years of life, our children are like sponges. They observe the surrounding environment and assimilate a multitude of elements. They learn through various means like gestures, language, play. Playing in a constructive way, with the open ended toys, offers our kids the ability to easily develop their personality and skills. This is why the toys they play with have a very important role during their early years, and not only.

How to talk to our children

How to Talk to Our Children: The Way We Talk to Our Children Becomes Their Inner Voice

Recently, we came across a quote: “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice“. This made us think twice about the language we use with our baby daughter. This happens especially because she is at the point when she starts to understand and express herself through words. That is why we began …

Praising children

‘Good job!’ vs. ‘You did it!’ or praising vs. acknowledging

Today, on parenting, we chose to write about a matter that caught our attention even before we became parents: praising children. We accidentally observed the fact that many people with children use the phrase ‘Good job!’ to praise their little ones. And moreover, they use it a lot. The child says ‘Thank you!’, the parent …