Montessori Materials and Learning Games for Babies and Toddlers

Montessori Materials and Learning Games for Babies and ToddlersAs soon as they are born, children feel the need to make sense of the world around them.

That is why, during their early years, we should encourage them to explore and play independently as often as we can. Through independent and uninterrupted play time, they can easily develop their motor skills, their social and cognitive abilities, their creativity. They grow emotionally, gain self-confidence and self-discipline.

The Montessori method of educating children is mainly based on simplicity, independent activities, hand-on learning and collaborative play. Children are encouraged to engage in independent activities, being observed, but not interrupted. This gives them the opportunity to learn on their own, at their own pace, from their own explorations. It is all about trial and error and self-correction enhancing their skills and contributing to their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development. To let them have a little bit of fun get then an RCRank.

The Montessori approach can be applied using specific materials and learning games. Montessori toys are healthy and safe open-ended toys (see details about Open-Ended Toys). They are usually simple with no flashing lights or loud noises that can bustle or overwhelm your child.

I made a list in which I tried to include all the Montessori materials and learning games that were (and still are) successfully used by our little daughter and the top lists of these toys right now.

Montessori materials and learning games for babies
(0 – 18 months)

Montessori materials and learning games for toddlers (18 months – 3 years)

* Make sure you always supervise your babies or toddlers whilthey play, even when their toys are appropriate for their age.

Feel free to share your baby or toddler’s favourite Montessori materials using the comments section below.

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